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Where you will always find Special Somethings
for Something Special Pets!
Because they're not just our pets,
they are our FurKIDS.
And we're not just their owners,
but their caregivers, their guardians, their parents!

 Fancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap (White) Pet ID Tag ~ Princess with Heart Fancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap (White) Pet ID Tag ~ Kitty Bouquet Fancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap (White) Pet ID Tag ~ Swarovski Clear Faux Fancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap (White) Pet ID Tag ~ Pressed Pansy w/Rhinestones - Signifies Loving Thoughts & RemembranceFancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap (White) Pet ID Tag ~ DIVA~licious with Pink Diamond Bling!
We offer our own UNIQUE CUSTOM design tags
for your UNIQUE CUSTOM pets in a variety of styles!

Fancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap (White) Pet ID Tag - Customized with YOUR PET'S PHOTO!      Fancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap Breed Pet ID Tags ~ Your Choice of Color and CUSTOM Design       Fancy Pants Fashion Jewelry Pendant Angel Breed Pet ID Tags ~ Your Choice of Color and CUSTOM Design 
We have PHOTOBREED and 

Fancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap (White) Pet ID Tag ~ Betty Boop and Pudgy ~ Yin and YangFancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap (Silver) Pet ID Tag ~ Sweet Tweety Bird Angel Fancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap (Silver) Pet ID Tag ~ Hello Kitty Pink Princess with Wand   Fancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap (SILVER) Pet ID Tag ~ Harley Motorcycle - for the Studly Pet!   Fancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap (SILVER) Pet ID Tag ~ Live to Ride with Biker Cross
like Betty Boop, Tweety Bird, Hello Kitty & Harley
in both
GumDrop Tags and
Fancy Pants Fashion Jewelry Pink Beaded and Stripped PETITE Heart ID Tag Fancy Pants Fashion Jewelry Crystal Clear Fancy Pants Fashion Jewelry Baby Pink and Blue Rose and Love Glitter Heart Pet ID Tag (Hard Plastic)Fancy Pants Fashion Cameo Jewelry Pet ID Pendant Tag ~ Blushing Pink Rose ~ Goldtone ~ 1x1 1/4 Fancy Pants Fashion Jewelry Adorable Cookie Mouse Pet ID Tag (Hard Plastic)   
Fancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap &
Jewelry Pendant ID Tags!
And unlike most Pet Tag sites and Pet Stores offering
the same old "cookie cutter" aluminum tags,
we feature a wide variety of many styles
 of fun, fast and effective
INSTANT "DIY" (Do-it-Yourself) ID Tags
that you PURRsonalize.

Just look for this logo  on all our "DIY" tag pages!  

    Talk To Me Pet ID Tag - Glows in the Dark!
From Reflector Tags, to Flashing PawPrint Tags,
and EVERYTHING in-between!
Fancy Pants Fashion Bottle Cap (White) Pet ID Tag ~ St. Francis with Cat & Dog         ST. FRANCIS PROTECT MY PET MEDAL & ID TAG DUO      ST. RAPHAEL
We have traditional crowd pleasers, such us our
St. Francis Medal and Tag Duo
St. Raphael "Heal my Pet" Medal
and our Sts. Francis/Anthony and Guardian Angel Medals, too!


There are Pet ID Tubes and Barrels with colors for every style!

While our Novelty Pet ID Tags are sure to bring a smile! 

Tube Pet Safety Flashing Blinker       
We have safety items,
But we have some fun items
just for the "BLING" of it.

Bunches o' Violets Locket Tag - 7/8  Simply Delicious - Pink
For pets who like to play DRESS-UP,
there's our Fancy Pants Locket ID Tags 
Fancy Pants Fashion Collars.
Pretty enough for you, but designed for them!

And our "No Excuses" Collar for those
who might not think collars are necessary . . .
until it's too late.

   Tweety Bird Bell Charm    
While our Adora-Bell & Cartoon Adora-Bell Charms
are sure to please, and our Training Whistles
help bad habits cease

And for furkids you really want to SPOIL,
we have BIY (Bake-itYourself) Homemade Treats
easy to make with very little toil!

    Fur Angel Key Ring      Snowglobe FurAngel Photo Keepsake
There are items for earthly and Rainbow Bridge Pet FurAngels, too!
Our Pet Angel Charms and "Custom FurAngel" designs
will make Treasured Keepsakes
for your Treasured Pets!
      PawPrint Photo Key Ring - Orange Paw Print   
So please enter, visit and PAWS awhile!
You may discover some special somethings 
for YOUR something special pet!

/i//BeatingHeart.gif  /i//BeatingHeart.gif /i//BeatingHeart.gif /i//BeatingHeart.gif /i//BeatingHeart.gif
Dedicated to my wonderful TRUE FRIENDS, my Furkids!
Those who wait at the Bridge
and those who wait at Home for me! 
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